Workshop Format and Schedule

The format of the workshop will differ from that of most other workshops in that it (a) presupposes that participants have already familiarized themselves with the contributions of other participants and with the advance structuring provided by the organizers and (b) provides almost exclusively for active, constructive work during the hours of the workshop itself.

(15 min) Introduction

The organizers will remind the participants very briefly of the agenda and goals of the workshop, which the participants will already be aware of from the earlier correspondence and discussion. The participants will briefly introduce themselves, so that names can be matched with faces.

(2 h 45 min) Synthesis of results and ideas concerning differences among users in terms of preferences

In the workshop wiki, the participants will already have read about the contributions of other participants that concern differences among users (as opposed to changes over time, which will be discussed in the afternoon).

The goal of this morning session will be to arrive at a generally agreed upon way of synthesizing these contributions, taking as a starting point the preliminary synthesis proposed via the wiki before the workshop.

Part of this discussion will be done in small groups, part in plenary discussions. The exact division can best be determined shortly before the workshop, after the preworkshop analysis of the contributions. In any case, approximately the last 30 minutes will consist of a plenary discussion in which a synthesis is arrived at.

To ensure that the results can easily be communicated and further processed, they will be accumulated during the workshop in electronic form (e.g., in the workshop wiki).

(2 h 30 min) Synthesis of results and ideas concerning changes in preferences over time

This segment will be structured in basically the same way as the main morning segment, but the focus will be on changes in preferences over time.

(30 min) Planning of postworkshop activities

On the basis of the results obtained, it will be decided in a plenary session how the results should be further processed and ultimately published; and what concrete steps need to be taken on the way to publication. Postworkshop activities will be conducted via the workshop wiki.