Overall Procedure

Before the workshop, all participants will receive via the workshop wiki all of the contribution papers, as well as additional material prepared by the organizers to help structure the discussion. They will not prepare a traditional presentation of their own work for the workshop. Instead, they will familiarize themselves with the contributions of the other participants and think about how their own contributions fit into the overall picture.

During the workshop itself, the participants will work in face-to-face discussions on the synthesis of the submitted contributions (cf. the schedule given below).

After the workshop, all interested participants will be invited to help prepare a publication of the results of the workshop, such as a multiauthored journal article, a special journal issue, or an edited book volume. (The organizers are strongly committed to ensuring that this publication comes about, because of the central importance of this topic in their own work; but the right form of the publication will depend in part on the nature of the submissions received and the results of the workshop.) Regardless of the extent of an author’s participation in these postworkshop activities, they will retain the right to determine how their data and theoretical contributions are used in the final result.