CHI 2009 Course by Gajos and Jameson

New Paradigms for Adaptive Interaction

Half-Day Course offered at CHI 2009

Boston, Thursday morning, April 9th

Krzysztof Gajos and Anthony Jameson



Thank you for your interest in this course.

The following documents should give a pretty clear idea of whether this course is worth a half day of your visit to CHI 2009.

  • Description for the CHI 2009 Advance Program

    If you have not already seen this very brief overview, you may find it useful as an introduction – but please do look at the following two documents as well.

  • Excerpts from the course proposal

    This web page contains an abbreviated and updated version of the proposal for this course that was originally submitted. It basically explains for whom the course should be interesting, and why.

  • Excerpts from the course notes

    These pages contain the introductory material and the first page of each section of the printed course notes that will be distributed to participants. In particular, it introduces each of the six paradigms that will be discussed.

    (Note: Because most of this material is not intended for presentation in the course, it has more text and smaller fonts than the actual slides.)